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A rectangular cavity in a piece of wood, cut to receive a similarly shaped projection or (tenon) of another piece to hold the two together.


To join or fasten securely, as with mortise and tenon

Our Commitment


Is  the Head of This Company

The Unseen Partner at Every Transaction

The Silent Listener at Every Conversation

The final Judge of All Decisions

In His Love this Company is Kept

And to His Glory this Company is Dedicated

Mission statement:  We strive to be respectful of God's nature in harvesting of trees.  We take pride in the building of each piece,  which is  custom built and one of a kind.

The Company:  We are a Grass Roots business, small enough to give Great Personal Service, but large enough to manufacture your dreams into reality. 

It would be our privilege to build you pieces that you can pass down for generations to come.

Hand crafted following the tradition of the West

Crafted with heart, care and pride.

Handcrafted furniture built following the cowboy culture. One with the land, respecting the environment,  handcrafted with the pride and skills that made the Canadian West strong.

Made especially for you and your family.

We build unique, one of a kind tables & more, that are made to last and be past down for generations. 

From forest to your home, created with you in mind.

We mill our own lumber from standing dead trees & craft with no nails or screws, rather with mortise and tenon dowelling. We hand craft to make your personal vision a reality.

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Phone or Text : 778-538-2428

If you are interested in an item of ours please call and we will arrange payment and shipping.  If you would like something designed specifically for you we would love to work with you on that, just give us a call. 

Artistic Cowboy Table Co.

86 Young Road, Clearwater, British Columbia, Canada, V0E 1N2.

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Ralph Strik 1-778-538-2428
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Stan White 1-403-826-5054

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